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  • Sonship of the son

    Sonship of the son is a soliloquy of the son for his son; it is the highest accomplishment, above all achievements; runnig with vision, building the family and entering his inheritance. Patrilinage of the son is a matrix of interweaving social relationships that make it impossible for any one Dagara to stand as a complete stranger to the other. Matrilinage of the son has the largest population among the four kingdoms of the north; and, is the oldest in Ghana and one of the oldest in Africa, curved out of ancient Kingdom established by Naa Gbewaa in north eastern Ghana. Blood types are powerful genetic fingerprints that identify surely as DNA, they are more reliable measure of identity than race, culture or geography for the son. Entire civilisations have been built on blood ties; tribes, clans and monarchies depend on them to exist.