Eyram Akofa Tawia

Eyram is the CEO of Leti Arts. Eyram’s love for comics and computer games helped spur his interest to learn to program back in high school, as he wanted to make the comics he drew as a youngster, come to life on the computer screen.

He is convinced that Africa will make a salient contribution to the world of game development thus pioneered Leti Arts, which focuses on developing the gaming industry in Africa. Eyram has won many awards including British Council YCE Media Awards 2012 due to his hard work and passion for transforming the creative media industry. He was selected by Google Africa as one of 6 Innovation Heroes in Ghana pioneering the use of the Internet and Innovation, MTV Africa Music Awards 2014 nominee, Vodafone Global Appstar 2014 winner and Most Heart for Africa prize of the Africa Entrepreneurs Awards 2015.

Eyram was a speaker at the Annual Game Developers Conference 2013 in San Francisco touching on The Emerging Landscape of African Game Development and a participant US-Africa Business Summit 2014, Washington DC as well as an innovator at Oxford University Africa conference. He was also a TedxAccra 2015 speaker. He studied at KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana and at the Meltwater Foundation, where he was a Software Teaching Fellow, inspiring others.