Mrs. Andreatta Abebrese Tetteh is a young zealous lady worshiping with the Foursquare Gospel Church, Power City, Weija Branch, Ghana. She’s a graduate of the University of Ghana, Legon. She’s a banker by profession and a businesswoman. She is a voice and her commission is to proclaim the Word of God, to let people know that God has a will and purpose for them and that they should choose His will. Thus her message is centered on the Will of God for Mankind. The will of God for man is the Word of God. She is happily married to Pastor Emmanuel Tetteh and they are blessed with children. She and her family live in Accra, Ghana

  • Jesus Is Closer to You Than You Think

    “This book is a comforting and strengthening tool in your hands. The author, Andreatta Abebrese Tetteh, seeks to help readers survive the storms of life by assuring us that Jesus is closer to us than we think”.

    “Jesus Is Closer to You Than You Think” – these words must live in our hearts in times of trials. He is closer to us than we think”.

    Rev. Eastwood Anaba
    Fountain Gate Chapel and Eastwood Anaba Ministries

    There come seasons in our life when the wind of life blows against us. It is when we are so low that we sense God even more.

    This book “Jesus Is Closer to You Than You Think” is a story of the only two people in the world Jesus and Peter who walked on the water. When we are getting close to our destination be it a breakthrough, a miracle, a promised land we are not to doubt Jesus for Jesus is So Close to Us.

    I pray to God that the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened to understand the comforting truth that Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, brother, friend, our Husband, the God of all the earth, is ever so close to you, so close to us.

    May your heart be filled with the knowledge of His love for you. AMEN!!